DNA builds on its specialization of market research consultancy to advise businesses on efficient and effective ways of addressing consumers, customers and competitors in general environments and foreign target markets.

International Business Services are the fastest growing sector amongst Companies needing to:

  • Seek growth via market diversification
  • Obtain new product ideas from diversification
  • Earn higher profits from lucrative foreign markets

Although historically, popular markets for international business were advanced economy countries such as Europe, America and Japan, today’s firms increasingly target emerging markets such as Brazil, Asia, the GCC and in particular Saudi Arabia.

International business is characterized by four types of risks in foreign markets namely, cross-cultural risk, commercial risks, financial risks and country factor risks. However, with proper international market research at DNA, they can be anticipated, managed and overcome to secure winning strategy. Benefits of international market research are many, including business plan refinement, tracking competitor patterns, course correction and an increase in (actionable) knowledge.


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